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Smart Bracelet Heart Rate and Blood Pressure Exercise Meter Step Information Push Smart Reminder Color Bracelet

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Being able to keep track and stay on track with exercise is the only way to stay fit nowadays. However, being able to check on your heart rate and blood pressure is an extra feature that gives ease to anyone who wears the Introser Smart Bracelet. This is the model M3 Smart Bracelet capable of recording and keeping important track data on calories/blood pressure/ and heart rate.

Connected to iOS/Android Devices

The listed applicable platforms this device can be connected through are:

  • Blackberry platform
  • WindowsMobile platform
  • Symbian platform
  • Android platform
  • Apple iOS platform
  • Fully compatible platforms Blackberry, MIUI, Symbian, WindowsMobile, iOS, ANDROID, Alibaba Cloud OS, and, Baidu Cloud OS.

This allows anyone to keep up-to-date with the data provided.

Soft Material

With the material being made from silicone, this means no more irritating pinches. Along with a touch screen easy user face operation.

Different Modes Available

Since this works as a Sports Watch in the selected Sports Mode, the monitoring modes available are:

  • Distance
  • Heart rate monitoring
  • Blood pressure monitoring
  • Step Record
  • Calorie Record

Long Battery Life

Because this device utilizes a low power consumption management system, the battery will take a long time to deplete.

Size and Screen Dimensions

The size of the Smart Watch is 24 x 2 x 1CM with the touch display screen size being 0.96 inches.